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07 Mar ARG Inc.

With 24 years in business and more than 600 years of collective telecom experience, ARG is uniquely positioned to support business clients with their voice, Internet, cloud, data, mobility and conferencing needs. We currently serve more than 5,000 client sites worldwide.

ARG supports customer needs from fiber-based big bandwidth, data center services, hosted VoIP, desktop-as-a-service, VDI, backup and recovery, and converged multi-location solutions, to creative audio and Web conferencing solutions, wireless cost optimization and management, and single-site integrated voice and Internet circuits for small offices.

ARG focuses exclusively on converging IT and telecom services and technologies. Working with your IT staff, equipment vendors and service providers, ARG delivers on an incredible promise: To design state-of-the-art communications solutions, improve provider service quality and manage responsive customer care – all at no cost to our clients, and while yielding significant hard-dollar cost savings.

ARG’s consultants and engineers are widely versed in voice and data technologies offered by the full spectrum of quality service providers.

Voice and data services have never been more important. Businesses run on their ability to communicate and process. Most providers have reduced support to their end users, requiring more time, attention and effort from their clients to use their service. That’s a problem.

ARG is the solution.