Clients First

As a collective of some of the largest channel organizations in the country, the Alliance can act as a single point of contact for sourcing services across multiple providers. Alliance members can create customized communications and technology recommendations for your business, order all services and then streamline their deployment. Because of its combined scale, Alliance clients enjoy escalated privileges, discounts and dedicated support.


Tap a Trusted Advisor

When you entrust your communications needs to an Alliance member, you can be ensured that your business goals are front and center. Alliance members operate with the highest level of integrity, and will craft tailored communications and technology plans for your specific needs. Alliance members have proven track records of offering the best communications solution for clients’ needs, while saving them time, money and hassle.

Solid Provider Relationships, Objective Consulting

Alliance members have solid, long-term relationships with leading names in voice, Internet, cable, data, converged, mobility and cloud services. With a variety of technology and carrier options in their portfolios (350+ and growing), Alliance members offer unbiased, objective consulting, and are committed to making it easy and cost-effective to build the right solution to support your business objectives.

The Alliance works with a range of premier providers of voice, Internet, data, converged, mobility, cable and cloud services to meet all local, national and international communications needs, no matter how diverse or complex. In addition to each member’s prodigious stable of providers, the Alliance’s preferred suppliers are hand-selected and vetted as providing the highest level of service and quality for customers. Each has a customized, unique relationship with the Alliance to provide dedicated resources and support, discounts and streamlined processes to clients.

Deep Industry Expertise

The Alliance understands that communications go beyond basic connectivity; the right communications and IT plan is a business empowerment tool. Companies are looking to efficiently stay competitive, bolster innovation and effectively accommodate the realities of the always on, always-mobile, borderless aspects of today’s work reality.

Businesses are beginning to overhaul their communications and IT infrastructure as they move to all-IP networks and to cloud-delivery models. Alliance members are keenly aware of this transformation to an on-demand, virtualized, mobile world, and is committed to providing informed, unbiased consulting on how best to architect a communications and IT plan to support that. From traditional telecom to leading-edge, as-a-service options, technology expertise and experience is a hallmark of Alliance members.

Personalized Support

We know that choosing the right communications plans can be overwhelming, time consuming and confusing. Whether you have multiple locations nationwide, or run a single-location small-to-medium-sized business, Alliance members do all of the legwork in designing, ordering and provisioning your communications services so you can focus on what you do best: building your core business.

Alliance members’ customer and channel support teams know their providers’ packages and services inside and out. Your dedicated sales support representatives are actively involved in the order process. That means the right services get ordered in the right way—with no major surprises or delays.

And when it comes to provisioning and implementation, Alliance members leverage their internal resources as well as those of the provider to provide a reliable support framework around the project. Our members are dedicated to providing transparent, open communications as to the process and timelines for completing your customized solution, and work diligently with suppliers to troubleshoot and finalize the end solution on your behalf.

Our members take a personalized approach to each individual client, which means that the relationship isn’t over once the solution is in place and the billing has begun. Alliance partners are trusted advisors, and provide ongoing customer support and consult to meet the ongoing needs of the organization. We’re here for the long haul.

Proven Track Record

Alliance members already reduce costs and improve efficiencies for more than 30,000 businesses, including Fortune 500 corporations, cities, government agencies, SMBs and other organizations, providing leading edge technology, competitive pricing and maximum flexibility.

Benefits of Being an Alliance Client:

Providers: Members have 350+ relationships with the top names in voice, Internet, cable, data, mobility and cloud services, and offer trusted, objective recommendations.

Personalization: Your business goals are front and center. Alliance members create customized communications plans with-leading edge technology, competitive pricing and maximum flexibility.

Scale and Efficiency: Alliance members order all services and then streamline their deployment, with escalated privileges, deep discounts and dedicated support from providers.

Proven Track Record: Alliance members already reduce costs and improve efficiencies for 30,000+ businesses, including Fortune 500 corporations, cities, government agencies, small and medium-sized businesses and others.

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