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Bringing together a diverse set of master agents, technology distributors, business consultants, cloud specialists and others, the Alliance, as a collective organization, brings great value to its providers by offering an unprecedented level of distribution scale and volume, along with broad customer support.


As a Preferred Provider

Alliance-managed suppliers gain access to all of the benefits that aggregation represents, including efficient contract and relationship management, enhanced credibility with clients, and an intensified impact in terms of market education and end user awareness of new technologies and lines of business. Alliance members, representing the top channel organizations in the country, also bring to the table dedicated customer support teams, back-office innovation and other client engagement resources. Alliance members’ customer and channel support resourcesteams know their providers’ packages and services inside and out, with dedicated sales support representatives that are actively involved in the order-to-provisioning process. This support framework acts as an extension of the provider’s own operational resources, offering unparalleled efficiency when it comes to managing end user services and accounts.And, with customer service being a prime differentiator and directive for Alliance members, customer satisfaction has never been higher—resulting in lower churn and lending further credibility to affiliated providers’ brands.Members also act as a deep well of market intelligence, offering on-the-ground insight into customer trends and requests, pain points and industry-specific requirements. On a channel level, the Alliance acts as a sounding board resource for our preferred providers when it comes to providing feedback on channel program improvements and boosting process efficiencies.

Member-to-Member Commerce (M2MC)

Further, providers are able to benefit from the Alliance’ Member-to-Member Commerce (M2MC) platform, which can gain them additional scale or access to deals that would otherwise be lost. If a certain provider’s offering is a fit for a client solution, but the member designing the solution doesn’t have a direct relationship with that provider, the M2MC initiative allows participants to utilize a direct supplier contract that another participating member may hold within its individual portfolio. Combined with the capabilities of the Preferred Provider portfolio, Alliance members are better able to meet even the most demanding customer requirements, thus winning more deals and driving more volume.


Benefits of Being an Alliance Preferred Provider:

Preferred Provider Status: Alliance-managed suppliers gain access to expanded distribution through all Alliance members, via a single point of contact.

Simplicity: Efficient contract and relationship management; enhanced credibility with clients; and wider market education and end-user awareness.

Member-to-Member Commerce (M2MC): Members collectively manage a stable of 350+ supplier relationships and can share contracts via the M2MC platform. Providers gain additional scale and access to deals that would otherwise be lost.


What Our Providers Say

Our Preferred Providers

The following 7 preferred suppliers of the 350 in the collective portfolio are hand-selected and vetted as providing the highest level of service and quality for customers. Each has a customized, unique relationship with the Alliance to provide dedicated resources and support, discounts and streamlined processes to clients.

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