How the Members of The Alliance Partners Circles the Wagons to Protect Their Partners

Think back to your favorite John Wayne movie: He’s sitting high on his horse, leading the adventuring pioneers across the wild, wild west.

But The Duke doesn’t take any chances. There could be trouble just beyond those hills, or an unknown threat looming on the horizon. What happens next? He circles the wagons.



From Malibu to Memphis, and from Dallas to Detroit, the same is true with today’s industry practices: Agents must be prepared to circle the wagons to protect their current and future revenue stream.

The members of The Alliance Partners have been getting that job done – day in and day out – for more than 22 years. We’ve been circling the wagons and effectively protecting more than 10,000 agents in our ecosystem.

The Alliance Partners is the largest consortium of thought leaders and highly successful master and direct agencies in the channel. Through the channel intelligence and operating practices shared among the group, Alliance members offer their sales partners the safest home for the business that those partners generate.

Our 17 members are also the owners of The Alliance Partners, and their names are recognized as the brightest business and thought leaders of our day, driving the industry forward through intelligence and innovation.

You can be part of all this.

We want to work with you. We want to ensure your sales are rewarded with the maximum possible compensation. Trust us to share our talent and resources to make you successful. Starting today.

Let’s learn a hard-fought lesson from John Wayne: The members of The Alliance Partners can circle the wagons and protect your revenue stream. There’s no obligationClick here to partner with your preferred Alliance member company.