The Alliance Partners | Cloud Taskforce LLC
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Cloud Taskforce LLC


Cloud Taskforce is a consortium that provides the services of a technology consultant, distributor and master agent from one source. The Taskforce helps clients with cloud strategy, initiatives, transition and management. As a next-generation technology distributor, Cloud Taskforce delivers unique value across the board to its clients, service provider partners and sales partners.

For clients, Cloud Taskforce offers one-stop-shop access to the largest service provider portfolio in the nation. Our clients are supported through high-value services, including industry-leading cloud assessments, turn-key solution design, best-fit provider match, best pricing and favorable business terms – with all known conflicts of interest removed. The Taskforce is the only entity of its kind in the United States that functions exclusively as a client advocate in the cloud. As such, Cloud Taskforce fulfills a much-needed role in the industry as a trusted third party, and offers clients a long-term business and technology advisor and advocate for the full lifecycle of their cloud services.

For service provider partners, we deliver fully-vetted, expertly-matched prospects. Our service providers recognize our ability to work effectively with clients ranging from the “S” in the SMB to the Fortune 500, while preventing the all-too-common waste of sales and engineering cycles on unqualified leads, mismatched requirements and no-value middlemen. We rely on expert systems to assess our clients’ needs, design the right solution and match that solution with the right mix of providers, thereby achieving highly aggressive conversion rates that keep the frustration factor to a minimum for both clients and service providers.

For sales partners, Cloud Taskforce provides an innovative business model. We offer a home for those who recognize that it takes a new breed of master agency – one that adds a great deal more value – to prevail and flourish in the new business landscape, as telecom and IT converge in the cloud. We provide practical and rapid training, access to over 300 providers with commissionable services not available elsewhere, unmatched local sales support, commission protection, shielding from quotas and more – everything a sales partner needs to make the transition to and succeed at selling cloud services. We seek energetic, progressive partners who share the same passion to perform at the industry’s highest levels.